Sunday meetings at 9.30am
All visitors welcome

Brisbane Christian Fellowship

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Brisbane Christian Fellowship was established as a local church during the 1970s, and now has a large congregation that meets in the Samford Valley, on Brisbane’s north-west. We are a vibrant fellowship of individuals and families, who live, work and relate in our local communities, and who gather together every Sunday for our communion service.

Although legally registered as a local church in south east Queensland, we believe that we are a small part of a 'lampstand church' that is being restored in Australia as part of the administration of Jesus Christ. The Bible describes this administration as, being suitable for the fullness of times. Eph 1:10. As such we have strong relational ties with many other congregations in Australia and also congregations of other lampstand churches, internationally.

Strengthening faith

As a local church, our program is crafted to facilitate the ministry of Christ's life to every person, and all ages. We regularly meet to participate in these programmes, which includes the communion service, Bible studies, baptisms and also specific meetings for children, teenagers, youth, seniors, men and women.

We also enjoy opportunities to meet in our homes to pray, share about our Christian lives and study the Bible together.

Throughout the year we host much larger gatherings of Christians from across Australia. These events include the National Youth Seminar, Easter and the National Bible Seminar.

Supporting relationships

Weddings are an exciting time of celebration in our program because of the richness of friendship and family life that is possible through the Christian gospel. We use the ‘Service of Blessing’ wedding format that allows friends and family members to commend the couple, who are being married, toward their Christian vows.

We enjoy true friendship across all ages and endeavour to give dignity to every person. We care for one another in practical ways, particularly in times of stress or need. We value family life and know that the Christian gospel is able to establish and strengthen family relationships when we love God and value Him above all else in our lives.

We aim to meet, support, encourage and care for everyone with whom we come in contact. This is the motivation of the love of God that is poured into our heart by the Holy Spirit

We are cared for by a presbytery who craft, lead and then participate in the church programme with us. This programme includes teaching, music, hospitality, care of special needs, building maintenance and general administration.

We warmly invite and welcome you to come and participate in the life we are receiving from Jesus Christ. .