Sunday meetings at 9.30am
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Original Ministered Songs

Music Index

High quality recordings of original songs from our latest events.

  • Be Not Ashamed (Sharni Orr)
  • Grace Multiplied (Amy Sweet)
  • Here I Am Found (Maggie Hay)
  • I Take Up My Cross (Geoff Hamilton)
  • I'm Free (Heather Baker)
  • In the Hand of My Lord (Jessica Lawless)
  • Life Everlasting (Lauren Eddiehausen, Bridie Hay and Kaitlyn Sweet)
  • Life in Fellowship (Ruby Nahuysen)
  • Living Witnesses (Thomas Miller)
  • Made Alive (Sharni Orr)
  • My Heart Cries Abba Father (Nicole Watson)
  • Old Gospels (Heath Roche)
  • One Thing I Desire (Andrea Olds)
  • Our Way of Escape (Amy Sweet)
  • Renew Us By Your Spirit (Simon Laidley)
  • That I May Know Him (Kane McNally)
  • The Command to Love (Heath Roche)
  • The Joy of Knowing You (Lachlan & Melanie Perrin)
  • The Lord is my Shepherd (Julianne Hamilton)
  • To Those Who Believe (Joshua Hay)
  • Trust in You (Ruby Nahuysen)
  • We Who Live (Melanie Perrin)
  • We've Had Sweet Fellowship (Penelope Smith)
  • Your Gift You've Given (Stephen Bourne)
  • Your Provision is Perfect for Me (Ben and Emily Ashton)