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CWF - The joy of knowing You

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The Joy of Knowing You’ is a Brisbane Christian Women’s Fellowship initiative, and documents our ‘Life in word and song’, during our 2018/2019 season. Christian Women’s Fellowship (CWF) is a word proclaiming ministry, meeting three times a year to provide the opportunity for some hundreds of women of all ages to enjoy live and original music, inspirational speakers and generous hospitality.

  • 01 Grace Multiplied
  • 02 To Those Who Believe
  • 03 That I May Know Him
  • 04 The Lord is My Shepherd
  • 05 I'm Free
  • 06 The Joy of Knowing You
  • 07 One Thing I Desire
  • 08 We Who Live
  • 09 Simple Obedience
  • 10 We've Had Sweet Fellowship