Sunday meetings at 9.30am
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Learning from Jesus how to pray

Jesus Christ, our great High Priest, has invited us to join the prayer meeting of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Rom 8:26-27. As we are joined to Their prayer meeting, by the Holy Spirit, we are enabled to offer prayer and worship in the same way that Christ did! In the garden of Gethsemane, Christ offered Himself in prayer and worship to the Father. Eph 5:2. Jesus Christ has opened the way for us, as son-priests, to join Him in His offering of prayer and worship to the Father.

Christ’s prayer in the garden of Gethsemane revealed the fellowship of prayer in the most holy place of the true tabernacle. Heb 8:2. Jesus described this as ‘the secret place of prayer’. Mat 6:6. Significantly, the Holy Spirit joins us to the continual fellowship and offering of Yahweh. Rom 8:26. In this sense, the fellowship of prayer doesn’t ‘begin’ when we start to pray. Rather, we are joining Their ongoing discussion.

We pray in the Holy Spirit and allow Him to lead us, even in the manner in which we ought to pray. Rom 8:26. Christ searches our hearts and gives to us understanding as we abide in the fellowship of Their prayer. Rom 8:27. This understanding is ‘the knowledge of the Holy One’. 1Jn 5:20. Pro 9:10. Through prayer, we learn that we are participating in the offering of Christ; and that the events of each day are therefore part of our faith-obedience, with Christ, as He teaches us to continually abide with Him. Heb 5:8.